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FEBRUARy 2024hosted by Mary Kay Kollars, Lori Meyer and Jan Miller
May 2024 
june 2024 hosted by Kathryn Keane, Amy MacFarlane and Mary Shue
july2024hosted by Phyllis Connor, Regina Roth and Deb Hoesing
August 2024 hosted by Maureen Baxter, Lori Christiansen and Julie Kellen 
SEPTEMBER 2024 hosted by Debbie Boyle, Karen Roos and Angela Peacock
OCTOBER 2024 hosted by Judy Huitink and Terri O'Brien
NOVEMBER 2024 hosted by Paula Jacobsen, Cindy McLaughlin and Fiona Valentine
DECEMBER 2024 hosted by Juliet Everist, Gabi Galinsky and Julianna Mayne
March 2023
April 20,2023 hosted by Maureen Baxter, Phyllis Conner & Regina Roth
Wines from Around the World at the home of Phyllis Connor
May 23, 2023 hosted by Deb Hoesing, Julie Kellen & Amy McFarlane 
Wine & Dinner featuring a zoom meeting with the vintner at Deb Hoesing's home
June 21, 2023hosted by Lori Christiansen, Lori Meyer & Jan Miller
Wine & Flip Flops celebrating the summer solstice with wine & food on Lori Meyer's patio
August 17, 2023 hosted by Kathryn Keane, Mary Kay Kollars & Mary Shuey
Sip & Savor Sonoma featuring Bartholomew & Buena Vista wines at Dakota Dunes County Club
September 19, 2023hosted by Debbie Boyle, Angela Peacock & Karen Roos
Wine and Design featuring a Sancerre wine tasting paired with small plates at Purpose Design Studio
October 17,2023hosted by Paula Jacobsen, Cindy McLaughlin & Fiona Valentine
When Opposites Attract, a pairing of fine wines with casual food at Cindy's
December 13, 2023hosted by Gabi Galensky, Juliet Everist, Juliana Mayne & Terry O'Brien
Celebrating Hanukkah with food and drink at the home of Gabi Galinsky
OCTOBER 26, 2021
Hosted by the Two Debs:  Debbie Boyle and Deb Hoesing
A truly spiritual event: tasting wines from the light to the very dark

november 2021


december 9, 2021

Hosted by Phyllis Conner & Regina Roth

Featuring wines from around the world

february 10, 2022

Hosted by Judy Huitink and Kathryn Keane 

march 2022

Hosted by Lori Christiansen, Cindy McLaughlin and Fiona Valentine


april 2022

Hosted by Mary Kay Kollars, Lori Meyer and Jan Miller

May 19, 2022

Hosted by Maureen Baxter and Terry O'Brien

Wines from Women Winemakers

june 28, 2022

Hosted by Paula Jacobsen and Julie Kellen

Summer Wines at the Sioux City Country Club


September 20, 2022

Hosted by Debbie Boyle and Angela Peacock

Wines from famous River Valleys across the world

october 27, 2022

Hosted by Deb Hoesing and Joanie Rizk

Our Favorite Wines


NOvember 10, 2022

Hosted by Mary Shue and Karen Roos

Fall Harvest Table & Wine

december 15, 2022

Hosted by Juliet Everist and Gabi Galinsky

Jingle Bells!  Jingle Bells!  Jessup Wines all the way!


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